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13 a. Climate change - floods - measures (speech of 21 June 2011)

von Michael Palomino (2011)




Michael Palomino (*1964) was working with environment protectors in 2004 demonstrating for the protection of a river in the region of Basel against the construction of a so called custem free motorway along a river. By this there is the knowledge about the rivers. In the lecture there are factors shown provoking the big floods of nowadays provoking a "modern deluge". It's not only the climate change and the burning of fuels, but many more factors are playing it's role which hardly or not at all are mentioned until today in the media: destruction of forests, channelling of the rivers since 1700, the sealing of the landscpe, and the rising snow line, and the compressing of the earth by "modern" agriculture. Michael Palomino also suggests measures preventing the floods: renewable energies, forests, enlarging riverbeds, side arms or water tunnels, greening of flat roofs and terraces, roof water should be given to the pastures, converting streets reducing bituminization by 50 %, adapting weirs, and handling the earth of "modern" agriculture with earthworms. Web site: www.hist-chron.com; code of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ERU2HJyE7c

Text of the speech: Climate change - modern deluge - floods - measures

Michael Palomino, *1964 in Zurich, persecuted in Switzerland by criminal Swiss justice, since 3 years in Peru

Web site: www.hist-chron.com,

the leading web site for logic analytic historiography.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the subject of the lecture of today is climate change with the growing floods, the reasons and the measures.

Since decades climate is becoming warmer and NOT colder, and since decades

the quantity and the intensity of the floods are rising in the world.

Concretely said, more and more heavy floods can be counted on all continents

in Europe, in Asia, in the both "Americas", and also in Australia.

First the media called these heavy floods a "flood of the century".

But soon came out that a century only consists in 5 years yet.

Which factors are coming together with all this?

The governments, the technical universities and the sociologists have to know this immediately all around the world.

Point 1. Climate can change, and since decades we have a climate warming.

Eventually also the winds and the monsoons will change.

Point 2. Industrial society is going on burning the fuels of the earth, above all oil, coal, and gas,

and this is ALSO a contribution to climate warming, the green house effect inclusive.

This climate change with the points 1 and 2 is bringing higher temperatures and more humidity,

and therefore the clouds are absorbing more humidity and the rainfalls are more and more intensive.

But the climate is only one factor of the story because there are more facts for being detected:

Point 3. From the first civilizations until today the empires and the industrial countries have destructed many forests

and by this many forests which were a water reserve were destructed.

That means that the rains are not stored in the forests any more like before, but the rainwater

is coming often passing the compressed earth of so called "modern" agriculture coming directly into the rivers

and therefore the rivers are full very soon. This is the case above all in Europe, in North "America" and in Asia in China.

Point 4. Not only the forests were destructed in masses, but

in the indusrial countries the rivers also were manipulated.

First the rivers had meanders - they had a wavy line like this -

with a wide riverbed, about 100 or 150 meters large.

Then since about the year 1700 the engineers and the governments of the industrial and capitalist countries came

mostly the kings and emperors, and they did the following:

-- they channelled the rivers systematically and lowered them

-- they destructed the riverside forest systematically

-- then they filled up the meanders with earth

-- and at the end they constructed levees against the floods,

and by this the engineers and the governments meant that they had won new grassland and building land

and all would be good like this.

This channeling of the rivers in Europe and in North "America" was performed by a lethal perfection,

and therefore there hardly are any rivers with natural meanders any more.

There are natural rivers yet with their meanders in so called not developed countries yet,

in the Amazon Basin, or in the Dominican Republic for example, look on the maps. And in Europe

there are some meanders yet, for example in Switzerland in Bremgarten at the Reuss river,

or in Andelfingen at the Thur river.

But such meanders are very rare in Europe of today.

And the river of Mississippi has no meanders yet (any more). All was robbed.

In the region of Thun in Switzerland for example the engineers meant that they could dry out a river completely

manipulating the Simme river in a tunnel directly to the lake of Thun (in German: Thunersee).

The result was a cañon, and now the lake of Thun is full during every strong rain

and is converting Thun into a public free swimming pool regularly.

Well, often there was constructed a motorway aside the channelled and sterilized river

and the river also got the noise of the cars. There are many examples for this, for example

-- at Rhine river in Switzerland between Sargans and Lake Constance, or

-- at Ticino river in South of Switzerland between Biasca and Bellinzona, or

-- at Dreisam river in Germany in Freiburg im Breisgau just on both sides of the river.

This was really a "perfect" work there in Freiburg im Breisgau.

In some cases there were also weirs and hydroelectric facilities built in the river

regulating the levels of the water, or for current production.

Well, the engineers thaught that any flood would be eliminated by this system - but it was not like this.

Also some swamps were dried out eliminating malaria and mosquito plagues - winning land.

That means, these swamps also were lost as a deposit of rainwater.

And as point number 5 there is the sealing of the landscape with houses and streets.

By this the water is coming faster into the rivers

and the floods in the lower parts of the rivers are more.

And as a last point is point number 6,

because with the climate warming also the snow line is rising

and in winter the great depressions are not only bringing more rain and snow, but also more rain is flewing down.

So, let's make a little summary of all these factors for the heavy floods of nowadays. We have

1st point: climate change with more rain

2d point: the provoked climate change with more rain by burning of fuels

3d point: elimination of forests

4th point: calanization of the rivers

5th point: sealing of landscapes and compressed earth by "modern" agriculture

and 6th point: the rising snow line.

These varied factors are what are provoking the heavy floods, and not only climate change alone.

The forests are expanding again in Middle and Western Europe, but that's not enough.

And the idea that the levees along the rivers would be a protection is only partially right

because with every little flood within the levees the riverbeds all in all are getting higher and higher in many cases -

the riverbeds are piling up it's layers -

and therfore the riverbeds are always more little when there is no operation cleaning out the material.

And the idea that a channelled river is less dangerous

because the water is "getting away fast", that's a wrong idea

because in the lower part of the rivers there will be heavy floods

when in all feeding rivers the water is also flewing fast.

That's why we have many heavy floods in Europe at Rhine river or in Poland,

in the "USA" above all at the Mississippi river, and in China, and since a short time also in Australia.

Germany and Italy say "thank you" when channelled rivers of Switzerland are bringing much water in a short time

or when there is a flood in Budapest with Danube river, these waters come from the channelled rivers in Germany and in Austria etc.

Missing forests, the sealing of the landscape, together with the compressed earth of "modern" agriculture

and the rising snow line in winter, all these facts are more factors provoking the heavy floods.

Therefore we see that the "modern deluge" of nowadays mostly his home made.

The same facts we can see in tropical territories

for example in South "America" in Ecuador or in the north of Columbia

or also in tropical Africa. A really new fact is that the monsoons and the winds are changing, too,

and therefore the rain of the monsoon is coming down in other countries where had never been a monsoon before

for example in Pakistan and Kashmir lately, where partly do not at all exist big riverbeds yet.

So, a big riverbed has to be excavated there so a riverbed will exist and floods will be prevented.

And the towns at the coast line of the sea have to foresee that

the level of the sea will rise by 2 meters within 100 years.

Many beaches have gone already, and the tube of New York will be the next case.

So, we ask, which are the measures which have to be taken

preventing the coming up of more floods and the rising sea?

Point number 1: change to renewable energies

and for protection of floods on the continents there are many measures more possible:

Point number 2: give back the forests to the nature

so the forests can be the water deposit again as they have been before

Point number 3: the riverbeds of the rivers have to be enlarged:

the riverbeds have to be doubled, or better have to be trippled.

Land has to be expropriated and has to be given back to the rivers.

Also point number 4 is possible: where is a special danger a side arm can be excavated as a reserve

so the side arm is used during a flood arranging the waters in two rivers.

When there are towns with rivers up to 20 meters large also a water tunnel is possible

preventing floods in a town.

This action was done for example in Switzerland in Langenthal and it functions very well.

Therefore in the "USA" the Mississippi river should be given back it's large riverbed with it's meanders,

and in the region of New Orleans a new side arm of Mississippi should be excavated

or in England the rivers should be given back their large river beds

or some water tunnels should be constructed preventing any floods in the English towns.

In Switzerland it would be possible to reinstall the line of Simme river,

in Germany in Cologne one could excavate a second arm of the river,

or in Switzerland in Zurich an additional water tunnel could be installed.

The definition of flooded territories during a flood probably is not enough for the next 500 years.

Add to this a flooding of the land always brings mud destructing the harvests

and there are tragic accidents with animals which cannot take their flight.

Therefore flooded territories principally are not very good.

Add to this there is another point 5:

Flat roofs and terraces should be greened, above all the flat roofs.

This will have the effect that there will be not only a better quality of life in the top floors of the houses,

but the effect is that the rain water is hold by the earth and is not flowing down.

For this the flat roofs have to be strong enough holding the wet earth.

The water of the sloping roofs in the countryside can be distributed on the pastures

and therefore the rivers will not be charged with this water, either.

Point number 6 can be a change of the street scene: Half of the streets can be converted

so only the half will be bituminized, respectively the streets can be converted

so they are no "racecourses" any more but half of them are plants

with a well constructed bicycle path and sidewalk

and the cars have to circulate on two bituminized wheel paths

with a green part in the middle, with gravel or grass paver. Plants can complete the street.

And the point number 7 concerns the weirs which have to be constructed in a manner

so in the case of doubt they can be opened totally.

Point number 8 could be the breaking up of the compressed soil of "modern" agriculture.

Imagine, that earthworms are important for this.

These eight measures in a "package" should prevent any heavy flood.

Now, at the end of the lecture we repeat the list of measures in a short form:

Point number 1: change to renewable energies evading any burning of fuel

Point number 2: more forests as a deposit of rain water

Point number 3: the channeled rivers have to get back their large riverbeds

the riverbeds have to be doubled or tripled with expropriations,

and where are new rains which never had been before, new riverbeds have to be installed.

Point number 4: one can excavate side arms or water tunnels

Point number 5: flat roofs and terraces can be greened

and the water of the sloping roofs in the countryside can be distributed to pastures

Point number 6: the streets can be converted so only the half is bituminized

Point number 7: weirs have to be adapted so they can be opened without limits.

Point number 8: the compressed soil of "modern" agriculture has to be broken up

so the rain can enter the soil - a big factor are earthworms.

With these measures there should be no heavy floods any more.

The whole issue is an integrated continental issue. The countries have to collaborate.

Thank you for your attention.

Point 1: renewable energies -

Point 2: forest

Point 3: enlarge the rivers

Point 4: side arms or water tunnels

Point 5: greening - and distribute the rain water on pastures

Point 6: change the streets

Point 7: adapt the weirs

Point 8: earthworms

Michael Palomino, logic analytic historiography