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Lies and profit with "normal medicine". Index

How medicine after the invention of radiation equipment was driving to the wrong "side" -

profit strategies in medicine business

Injection into the
Threatening injection Fat addiction
X-ray photo
                                with a breast cancer Operation theather, but
                                mostly only symptoms are operated Pills like
                                sand on the beach, this is normal
                                "medicine" Insuline inhalator, only fighting
                                the symptoms
Normal "medicine" is making faked propaganda stating that their "pills" would help, but at the same time more illnesses are caused...

by Michael Palomino (2004 / 2005 / 2009 / 2012)

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Langbein, Kurt / Ehgartner, Bert: The Medicine Cartel. 7 Lethal Sins of Health Industry (orig. German: Das Medizinkartell. Die 7 Todsünden der Gesundheitsindustrie); Piper edition, Munich 2002; summary and chronology by Michael Palomino


All occasional inventions are indicated as "occasional". The lies in normal "medicine" are precisely presented in a chronology and with the argument chains. In normal "medicine" the factor making career and money is more important than the health of the human. Why do the health insurances pay for this normal "medicine" when there are always more ill persons produced instead of healthy persons?

Michael Palomino
Das Buch "Das
                              Medizinkartell" von Kurt Langbein und
                              Bert Ehgartner (2002), Buchdeckel

BMJ British Medical Journal (p.276) NIH "US" National Institutes of Health with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland (p.324)
JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association (p.339) RAC Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (p.328)

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Part 1: Money - hygiene - bacteria - Pasteur and intrigues

1. Normal "medicine" which is not medicine but is a competition for more money
2. "Average age": hygiene and surgery increasing the age
3. Infection illnesses: detection of bacteria and the war against bacteria - and Pasteur's intrigues

2: Cholera - TB - lies of Koch - rations and food care parcels

4. Cholera and TB - Pettenkofer for hygiene and immune system - Koch for quarantine
5. TB lie by Robert Koch - press media cheering and protecting the liar - Hoechst selling the lie
6. Psychological nursing as a factor: Cochrane's statistics about the influence of rations and food care parcels in war camps in relation with diseases

Part 3: Industry - Ehrlich - syphilis - antibiotics - penicillin

7. Industry fighting for medical research since 1900 appr. - career of Paul Ehrlich
8. Ehrlich finds remedies against sleeping sickness and syphilis - Hoechst invents the instruction leaflet in 1912
9. Antibiotics and over prescription with antibiotics - resistances of bacteria - allergies by too many antibiotics
10. Research for disinfecting agents: Alexander Fleming finds, Florey and Chain are producing Penicillin

Part 4: Cancer lies - cancer can be healed by fever infections

11. Cancer: The lies of healing by breast amputation and "prevention"
11.1 Cancer can be healed - normal "medicine" rejecting immunotherapy
11.2 Stress supporting cancer
11.3. Different cases of cancer in normal "medicine"
11.4 Preventive checkup against cancer increasing the operation rate
11.5 Follow-up testing against cancer increasing the operation rate
11.6 Preventive checkup against prostate cancer: without success, but with heavy side effects after super fluent operations
11.7 Preventive checkups against cervix cancer increasing the operation rate
11.8 Epidemiologists prove: Preventive checkups with Pap-test only bring more costs
11.9 New suspicion of cancer by HPV virus infections is well worked out by industry

Part 5: stories about gene therapy - with lethal victims

12. The fairy tale with gene therapy
12.1 Genetic research: new eugenics are not possible
12.2 Scandal about genetic diagnostics with the fetus and abortions
12.3 Clone baby and "preimplantation diagnostics": creation of humans
12.4 Gene therapy with adenoviruses provoking the death of the volunteer

6: Life expectation - medicaments shortening life expection - hospitals

13. Life expectation for a healthy life

14. Life expectation and fairy tales
14.1 Fairy tale of the merits of normal "medicine" for a rise of life expectation

14.2 Medicaments shortening life expectation!

15. Psycho terrorism in hospitals against all

Part 7: Lies about heart attacks and cholesterol - the Ornish program

16. Heart attack and cholesterol - the Ornish program
16.1 The first study in Framingham about lifestyle in 1948
16.2 Lies about high cholesterol levels - "cholesterol reducers" bring much profit
16.3 Since 1962: war against fat is a war against the body - "Light" products have no effect at all
16.4 Diabetes: Sugar is a new "enemy"
16.5 Body Mass Index (BMI): Now the whole body is an "enemy" - but the population is getting fater despite of all
16.6 The first lifestyle program of Dean Ornish against heart attacks

Part 8: Estrogen replacement therapy damaging - Caesarea and "high risk delivery"

17. Since 1976: Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): Artificial estrogen is damaging

18. Invention of "high risk delivery" (high risk birth)

Part 9: Vaccinations against immune system - allergies - psycho manipulations with immune system

19. Manipulations of normal "medicine" with immune system
19.1 Normal "medicine" does not want to know anything from immune system
19.2 Vaccination: Misleading the immune system - allergies and high mortality rates
19.3 Case: Vaccination against diarrhea with rotaviruses causing death by intestine deformation
19.4 Allergies by too much hygiene and immune system without work: "Jungle thesis"

20. Detection of psycho manipulation with immune system: Psychoneuroimmunology

Part 10: AIDS lies - transplantations - thyroid "medicament" - tick vaccination - aging - operations - arbitration board

21. Lies about AIDS using to profit of pharma industry
22. Cardiac transplantation: Definition of a brain death instead of a cardiac death
23. Thyroid "medicament" is not better but more expensive
24. Tick vaccination against FME: Propaganda against ticks for profits
25. "Prettiness" - medicine against aging
26. Operations with complications - examples
27. Arbitration boards in Germany and catastrophic balance of normal "medicine"

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