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Absolutely criminal WHO - WHO must be forbidden

Since WHO is existing the society has become always MORE ILL by vaccinations and not more healthy. Illnesses have RISEN.

WHO is financed with 80% by foundations of the oligarchs like Bill Gates and of pharma industries.
https://tkp.at/2022/07/13/who-generaldirektor-wirbt-wieder-fuer-maskenpflicht/ (July 14, 2022)

How "World Health Organization" WHO creates more diseases instead spreading health in the world - vaccinations and medicaments harming more than they benefit - concealment of measures for natural health - WHO is an absolute criminal intoxication organization - WHO has to be forbidden - example Swine flu with much propaganda and much sellings, but at the end the vaccine has to be burnt

                Health Organization" (WHO, here with it's symbol
                with the snake pretending wisdom) is absolutely criminal
                with many vaccinations and medicaments. This absolutely
                criminal organization has to be forbidden
"World Health Organization" (WHO, here with it's symbol with the snake pretending wisdom) is absolutely criminal with many vaccinations and medicaments. This absolutely criminal organization has to be forbidden

Report and conclusions by Michael Palomino (2009)

and news

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Epidemics during and after Second World War provoking foundation of "WHO" in 1948

On 7 April 1948 - after all the epidemics of Second World War and in it's aftermath - "World Health Organization" was founded. Global manipulation for this foundation can be explained that by this long war with it's heavy destruction provoked epidemics again and again (Russia, China, concentration camps), and after 1945 there were epidemics also in German rubble towns. Newspapers and radios organized propaganda campaigns that there was not enough prevention or that there was not enough vaccine. By this manipulation was installed for a foundation of a "World Health Organization". One can it see in a more simple way: When there had not been any Second World War, there had not been any foundation of any "World Health Organization" (shortly: WHO). There was needed a Second World War to "organize" "health" world wide. We know that the "American" President gave support to Hitler and Stalin at the same time. So, we know who organized Second World War. But what is "organized" now with WHO?

The program of criminal WHO: vaccination and medicaments - and more damage at health

"World Health Organization" (WHO) is a mafia of chemical industry. They mean that world wide vaccinations would make world "healthier", and at the same time it would be possible to make much money. Vaccination damages are not important (look here: Vaccination damages, German: Impfen schadet). Damaging effect counts also for other medicaments with all their side effects, e.g. after transplantations. Liver and kidneys are consequently damaged, and after 10 years the affected person needs a new kidney another time. Or a sleeping agent is "working" also on the next day, the person makes an accident and gets new "illnesses" with broken bones...

These many vaccinations and distributions of medicaments are given against advice of many natural doctors. It's even like this: Natural doctors have no voice in WHO system. WHO is a pharmaceutical mafia and is systematically ruling out the facts,

-- that every vaccination is damaging immune system
-- that every medicament is damaging liver and kidneys
-- that every side effect would be an indication to forbid a medicament (and with this about 80% of the medicaments should be forbidden).

It's proved that until today WHO has provoked a decrease of some illnesses by vaccinations and medicaments. But at the same time side effects of the medicaments have provoked many damaged immune systems and many liver and kidney damages and new illnesses, and above all there has been provoked a new vulnerability to old and new diseases because immune systems are weaker than before. But WHO with it's pharmaceutical mafia knows precisely what they are doing: WHO wants to weaken all immune systems world wide, so WHO can sell more and more medicaments. And it functions: World wide there are sold always more medical products, pharmaceutical companies are "successful", stock prices of pharmaceutical companies are rising, and health of population is sinking. But health of the populations is not measured until now statistically. This would be a sinking index, and then WHO had no right for any existence any more. That's why there is no health index...

So, WHO procedure is a systematic personal injury on the whole world basing on lies and fraud. Stupid governments have no idea of this heavy criminality of WHO and it's linked pharmaceutical lobby and are believing on that WHO would be a "health organization" bringing "health" with vaccinations and medicaments.

But it's proved that all in all diseases are not decreasing, but the cases of illnesses are rising in spite of the existence of WHO. So, WHO has - and this was the purpose of pharmaceutical industry - risen the number of diseases on the world instead having reduced them - by many vaccinations (damaging the immune systems) and by medicaments (with many liver and kidney damages).

But stupid journalists and governments are going on meaning that WHO would be a "health organization"...

Sins of omission of criminal WHO: no prohibition of amalgam - no blood group nourishment

WHO is committing world wide denial of assistance because until today (3 October 2009) whole natural medicine is not worth to be mentioned, because until today WHO is not cooperating with natural doctors, but is going on permitting heaviest intoxications. Until today there are missing

-- propaganda for prohibition of amalgam and financial means for restaurations of amalgam, many affected could be protected from many diseases

-- and until today there is missing propaganda for natural medicine and blood group nourishment which would provoke strong immune systems so there would occur considerably less diseases than before.

But WHO is going with pharmaceutical mafia, and they want to sell medicaments and make more money with this, and that's why WHO, the "World Health Organization", needs ILL persons.

Stupid journalists and governments believe until today that WHO would be a "health organization". But just this is not true, but WHO is a criminal organization collaborating with intoxicating pharmaceutical lobby provoking that the number of ill persons is always rising.

Until today WHO also NEVER declared harmful criminal McDonalds, Burger Kinds and other fried potatoes restaurants, but humans on the whole world would going on damaging their livers and kidneys by fried potatoes - so the friends of intoxicating pharmaceutical industry can sell their medicaments.

But stupid journalists and governments are going on meaning that WHO would be a "health organization"...

The case of influenza vaccination bringing death

Best vaccination against influenza is a healthy nourishment with an apple per day, whole grain rice, biologic vegetables and further nutrition with many vitamins.

But this is never said by criminal WHO, but WHO wants that all humans would be "vaccinated" against influenza. WHO with it's pharmaceutical mafia simply want to sell vaccinations and at the same time want to harm health of humans even more, and then they want to sell even more medicaments. And partly these criminals succeed in this until today because they call themselves "healthy organization".

But it will be embarrassing when foster sisters or nurses report that people with vaccination against influenza had died because of influenza the same winter, and people without vaccination against influenza have came through influenza without problems. Why? Persons without vaccination against influenza had no harm of their immune system and could defend influenza. Persons with vaccination of influenza had no functioning immune system because their immune system was busy defending the vaccine, and by this the vaccinated people had to leave Earth - thanks to WHO.

Witness: foster sister Sandra della Casa: She watched precisely the procedure told above in the 1990s  when she had worked as a foster sister in Winterthur (Switzerland) yet. Today she lives in Aadorf (Switzerland). Persons who had got a vaccination had died during the same winter yet. And the whole medical staff of Switzerland knows this that vaccination against influenza is from criminal pharmaceutical industry, that they want to harm the immune systems. And prevention with healthy nourishment is NEVER said by WHO. Otherwise one had to shut all McDonalds and Burger Kings. Ah, these damaging McDonalds and Burger Kings come from criminal "USA"...

Stupid journalists and governments are going on meaning that WHO would be a "health organization"...

It's time to leave WHO because WHO is provoking more new illnesses and it's proved that WHO is NOT spreading health.

It's even time to forbid WHO because it's proved that WHO provokes heaviest personal injury and denial of assistance.

The case of AIDS which can even be cured in Peru - without any Novartis medicament

AIDS virus is a descendant of a wrong vaccination in Africa when there were cultivated vaccination viruses on kidneys of monkeys. The polio vaccination experiment failed. The details can be seen here: AIDS as vaccination damage in Africa (German: AIDS als Impfschaden in Afrika).

WHO is addicted to madness of vaccination and racism meaning that black Africans could be used for all to "try something out". But WHO produced AIDS virus themselves resp. they let it go, but never will admit this, but are covering it and presenting a new disease called "AIDS" maintaining that this new illness came out of the sky. There is no punishment, there is no account, there is no justice, and journalists are reporting only what WHO says, in other case they are dismissed because stupid governments believe until today that WHO would be a "health organization".

It seems to be strange that there is no possibility to vaccinate AIDS, but pharmaceutical mafia is prescribing "medicament cocktails". So, it will be possible to make even more money with ill people, and it functions because these cocktails make people to live on, but liver and kidney will be damaged, and then will be needed more medicaments, transplantations etc., and all this is serving to volume of sales of pharmaceutical industry - ah, and health insurance is paying all this stuff...

But it is possible to survive AIDS taking all possible measures for a strong immune system and it's organism:

-- take out all amalgams
-- take in blood group nutrition on biological base without pesticidal agents
-- don't go to fried potatoes restaurants like McDonalds or Burger King because this food damages all organs
-- the acres have to be flooded regularly so the acre's soil will get new clay with new minerals from the mountains, and by this fruits and vegetables will get the needed minerals which are needed for human and animal organism.

It's not necessary to take a cocktail of medicaments which pharmaceutical industry wants to sell. One can survive with AIDS, without symptoms. This reports Dr. D'Adamo, a pioneer of blood group nutrition, see the sheet: AIDS according to blood groups: AIDS without symptoms (German: Merkblatt: AIDS gemäss Blutgruppe: AIDS wird symptomfrei).

Alternative medicine is not only indicating that AIDS will loose it's symptoms, but people with AIDS can even be cured. Blood group medicine and healing of AIDS in Peru is prescribed here:  Merkblatt: AIDS ist heilbar.

It seems to be strange that there are persons who are immune to AIDS. But this is not so interesting for research because WHO and "research" want to sell medicaments.

Stupid journalists and governments are going on meaning that WHO would be a "health organization"...

It's time to leave WHO because WHO is provoking more new illnesses and it's proved that WHO is NOT spreading health.

It's even time to forbid WHO because it's proved that WHO provokes heaviest personal injury and denial of assistance.

The case of pig flu (swine flu, swine influenza): pig flu is NO pandemia - road fatalities are no pandemia?

The cases are repeating: Criminal WHO is determining a new illness, journalists have to publish this in big letters in their newspapers to rise their circulation numbers or their audience rating of their TV channels, stupid head editors are alcoholics and read no alternative news, stupid governments have no time to be concerned with health but are reading only the headlines or are visiting football games, and who just wants to write a little bit about truth of criminal WHO will be dismissed or is pushed into the "alternative drawer".

Since November 2008 (from November 2008 until 3 October 2009) "Pig flu" ("swine flu", "swine influenza") has provoked 2,837 lethal casualties world wide (German Wikipedia: Pandemie H1N1 from 3 October 2009), and vaccine is ready already, and whole world is said to be vaccinated. More criminality is not possible. Until today pig flu is officially called "Pandemie H1N1" (Wikipedia, article "2009 flu pandemic" with the wrong word "pandemic" in the title).

But with 2,837 lethal casualties in 11 months world wide, is swine flu a pandemic? NO.

In Mexico outbreak of swine flu was coordinated with a general influenza wave, and  that's why there were relatively many lethal casualties, but also this death rate was only three-digit: Totally infected "21,148", deaths "142" (English Wikipedia: Swine flu in Mexico from 3 October 2009).

2,368 lethal casualties a year (number for 2008) is the number of lethal road fatalities in Germany per year (German Wikipedia, article: Verkehrstote from 3 October 2009). So, world wide 2,837 lethal casualties by swine flu in 11 months are not much.

 In Germany there was ONE SINGLE lethal casualty because of swine flu until now (date: 3 October 2009).

But despite of these data WHO wants to give vaccinations to the whole world (see English summary about swine flu case in English on TheFluCase). Why?

Stupid governments on the world only read the headlines of stupid journalists. What the point of that?

Fast cars and dangerous lorries and bus traffic during the night with sleeping drivers provoking many lethal casualties (e.g. in Peru) are NOT forbidden until now. What's the point of that? The bosses of WHO like driving of fast cars, and WHO also does not want to resign to lorries, and sleeping drivers provoking regularly more than 20 lethal casualties, this is not important for WHO...

The simple question is: How stupid are these governments world wide???

The designation of "pandemic" or "pandemia" is WRONG. Swine flu is not a "pandemic", but it's a kind of influenza, not more.

Car traffic is much worse pandemic with over 2,000 lethal road casualties in Germany alone. One should prohibit car traffic, so. But the WHO bosses like driving...

One can survive well a swine flu by a safe immune system with a healthy nourishment. It's proved that "Americans" in "USA" have the worst immune systems because of their heavy consumption of McDonald's food and Burger King food which is not a service for immune system, but is weakening immune system. "Americans" call damaging McDonalds and Burger King even as their "culture", and with this also their infection rate and their death rate is high:

"Confirmed cases: 52,231", and "confirmed deaths: 832" (Wikipedia "2009 flu pandemic in the USA" with the wrong designation of "pandemic" in the title). But also with 832 deaths in 10 months within a population of 303 millions (indication of "index mundi") swine flu is not a pandemic yet. But pharmaceutic mafia industry wants to sell a vaccination. Manipulation is going on to preparation of forced vaccinations world wide. More criminality by WHO with it's pharmaceutical mafia industry is not possible.

The weak immune systems by wrong nutrition are NEVER mentioned by WHO and stupid press because alcoholics in executive floors of the press (in Switzerland: Ringier in Zurich, in Basel the lodge of football club Basel etc.) they don't think at an immune system, otherwise health system had changed totally it's form already.

It's even worse: There are serious indications that WHO tries to spread contaminated vaccine with living avian influenza viruses (bird flu viruses) which should provoke other pandemics, when e.g. vaccine against pig flu contains viruses of bird flu. More criminal it's not possible. Vienna medicine journalist Jane Buergermeister which was denouncing this case of biological WHO terrorism was dismissed (see English summary about swine flu case in English on TheFluCase).

Spreading viruses by vaccines corresponds to the procedure after 11 September 2001 with precise spreading of anthrax. In the case of WHO there is a certain parallelism also to the system of criminal "US" political sect of "Scull and bones".

But stupid journalists and governments are meaning yet that WHO is a "health organization", only because it is called like this...

But it is proved that WHO with always more vaccinations and with more medicaments is provoking always more illnesses and diseases, and by this WHO is a terrorist, absolutely criminal organization AGAINST people's health. And: Measures against damaging products (amalgam and others) and harming "food" (fried potatoes and others) are not taken, and propaganda for healthy nourishment (blood group nutrition) is not coming from WHO. So, it's proved: WHO is NOT a "healthy organization", but it is an "intoxicating organization".

It's time to leave WHO because WHO is provoking more new illnesses and it's proved that WHO is NOT spreading health.

It's even time to forbid WHO because it's proved that WHO provokes heaviest personal injury and denial of assistance.

Appeal from Michael Palomino (writer in analysis, 45): Best help for the world is to leave WHO resp. even to forbid WHO

It's time to leave WHO because WHO is creating more diseases and is not spreading any health.

It's even time to forbid WHO because it's proved that WHO is committing heaviest personal injury and denial of assistance

-- because WHO is always coming out with new vaccinations damaging against the immune systems of mankind

-- because - it's proved - WHO wants to sell always new medicaments instead fostering health and to sell less medicaments

-- because until today WHO did not prohibit amalgam which - this is proved - is damaging heavily men's health (see the web sites "Amalgam as folk's intoxication" and "Amalgam news", resp. in German: Amalgam als Volksvergiftung bzw. Amalgam-Meldungen)

-- because until today (3 October 2009) WHO is concealing blood group medicine of Dr. D'Adamo (Blutgruppenmedizin von Dr. D'Adamo) and is concealing any alternative medicine (Dr. Vogel, Dr. Bircher-Benner), as are also concealed any holistic medicine from the jungle

-- because until today (3 October 2009) WHO is protecting damaging fried potatoes nourishment (McDonalds, Burger King etc.)

-- because until today (3 October 2009) WHO is not giving up spreading new viruses in the world to sell new vaccinations.

WHO is not sane any more. WHO is absolutely criminal. WHO with it's vaccinations and medicaments - this is proved - are causing new diseases, and by this WHO is a terrorist, criminal organization AGAINST men's health.

Leave WHO, forbid WHO. In the meantime people know better than WHO how health functions. Everybody can establish it's health with a strong immune system with informations from the Internet:

Appeal from Michael Palomino (writer in analysis, 45): physical health can be established by everyone

Physical health can be established with the following measures:

-- do all to reinforce your immune system resp. to take away charging, and do some sports but nothing extremely because then you will live without injuries

-- allow only the most necessary vaccinations (e.g. whooping cough, polio, and especial vaccinations for jungle areas when you go to tropic fields), resign any other superfluous vaccination which is propagated by panic on the base of the besotted and manipulated mass press (publishing house Ringier, The World etc.), because these newspapers want to rise their circulation number by false headlines, and truth does not count because truth does not rise the circulation numbers, but truth mostly is always the same...

-- amalgam has to be taken out of all mouths world wide when there is some amalgam yet, because mercury from amalgam is damaging immune system 24 hours a day and damaging nervous system irreversibly, also when many persons in the age of 40 or 50 don't "notice" it, but they will notice when Alzheimer or another disease of aging is coming which exists only since amalgam exists (look the web sites "Amalgam as folk's intoxication" and "Amalgam news", resp. in German: Amalgam als Volksvergiftung bzw. Amalgam-Meldungen)

-- care your teeth at least for 10 minutes per day, from this in the evening with ELMEX because ELMEX can regenerate dental enamel (and by this can reduce caries, see the sheet in German: Merkblatt: Zahnkaries), and tooth and gingiva need this cure, and inflamed gingiva has to be evaded so the immune system is not charged

-- live with blood group nutrition by 80%, so immune system will function in an optimal way (see German and Spanish index of blood group nutrition: Blutgruppenernährung-Index gemäss Dr. D'Adamo)

-- eat one apple a day and this is the best prevention against any influenza, partly also against dental plaque. But many don't know any more what an apple is because they eat so many fried potatoes, above all in the so called "USA"...

-- one has to organize regular flooding of the fields so mineral-rich clay from the mountains can be deposited on the fields, so agricultural products will reach the mineral level of before 300 years as it is until today partially also in "development countries".

Dear governments, with the above cited connections it's time to act:
-- leave WHO
-- forbid WHO with it's pharmaceutical mafia

because WHO pharmaceutical mafia brings much harm, but no benefit to the world, because WHO is NO "health organization", but it is an intoxication organization. With only some information everybody can organize his own health.

When WHO would bring benefit to the world, so
-- amalgam would be forbidden since much time
-- ELMEX would be available in all countries (but it is not, in Peru you cannot buy ELMEX)
-- all the world would already be organized with blood nutrition
-- and WHO would collaborate with natural doctors and natural medicine
-- the change of managing the agricultural fields with regular floods to maintain the level of minerals would be organized since a long time
-- any pesticide would be prohibited since a long time.

But WHO is going on being linked with pharmaceutical giants and continues it's maneuvers against humanity, and by this WHO is a harmful organization and has to be prohibited. Also it's time to eliminate a big parts of medical chemical pharmaceutical industry because also this industrial part only leads to new diseases but does not bring new health and savings.

This is no conspiracy theory, you stupid journalist, but these are facts. But you can never write this because the boss of press empire Ringier will dismiss you immediately because the boss of Ringier perhaps is a friend of WHO or at least is a friend of toxic chemistry giant Novartis. And also the governments (e.g. Swiss government) is a friend of criminal toxic Novartis which only has the goal to sell more new medicaments. It does not seem a coincidence that Novartis is part of the forced vaccination program against swine flu, against an illness which is much weaker than the number of lethal road fatalities. Swiss government makes it possible (look also Infowars: Mosad agent says: Swine flu vaccine is bio weapon). More criminal it's not possible.

When WHO is not prohibited mankind will be confronted on and on with false vaccination propaganda and false promises about "health", and people will be harmed on and on regarding their health. It's time that this criminality against world's health at least will stop.

The wrong argument of working places in poison chemistry ("pharmaceutical industry")

There are stupid politicians meaning that pharmaceutical industry would loose working places by selling less medicaments. But it's possible to create working places as well in the domain of natural medicine and solar energy. Stupid politicians always forget this, above al in Basel and in Mannheim-Ludwigshafen. Since a long time one should change to natural medicine and solar energy. But unfortunately many politicians stay to be alcoholics and read only the headlines written by stupid journalists to rise their circulation numbers, or they go to a soccer game instead learning more about natural medicine and solar energy...

Also this is not a conspiracy theory, you stupid journalist, but these are facts.

WHO and pharmaceutical industry with it's amalgam - they have to go and have to give way to health again.


20 minuten
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26.11.2009: There are billions against swine flu - but only some drops against malaria and Tbc

from: 20 minuten online: Schweinegrippe: Für die wahren Seuchen will keiner zahlen; 26.11.2009; ; http://www.20min.ch/news/dossier/schweinegrippe/story/15852516

summary by Michael Palomino

From May to November 2009 there were 5,000 lethal cases of swine flu. Industrial states gave billions for a vaccine development against swine flu, head of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), Christophe Fournier, said to BBC. But for the real epidemics there is missing much money, for tuberculosis (Tbc), a heavy lung disease affecting all organs by bacterial blood infection, with attacks of sweating and coughing, at the end coughing blood. And there is malaria. For TB and Malaria there is no money - instead costs of health are rising from year to year.

Mass media are manipulating their news, Swedish professor Hans Rosling wrote on statistics platform gapminder.org. About deaths of swine flus there are 8,176 times reports in world wide mass media. About deaths of Tbc there is only 0,1 report.

There are many epidemics. WHO estimates that from end of April 2009 to November 2009 there were about 5,000 lethal cases of swine flu. MSF estimates that in the same time were 700,000 lethal cases of malaria (all 30 seconds one lethal case) [140 times more]. For TB the rate is about 200 times more [1,000,000].

One can see that WHO has no control at all concerning the world wide diseases but is only dancing after the pipe of pharmaceutical chemistry companies. It would be possible to win against many diseases with blood group nutrition and amalgam elimination. But WHO does not want this because pharmaceutical chemistry companies would not have any profit any more, and employees would be forced to look for better jobs. And traffic casualties are not counted as epidemic yet. Politics are failing totally...

Michael Palomino, 26. November 2009


Look what's coming here:

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9.6.2010: Criminal panic making of WHO because of swine flu is coming up

from: Spiegel online: Schweinegrippe-Pandemie: Wie die WHO das Vertrauen der Verbraucher verseucht; translated by Michael Palomino; 9 June 2010; http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/medizin/0,1518,699427,00.html

<From Cinthia Briseño


WHO woman boss Chan: "There was no influence of commercial interest"

Were there financial transactions of pharmacy lobby to scientists provoking swine flu panic? There were three epidemic experts who got money from World Health Organization from trusts. Now WHO is defending itself in a public letter - but there is no transparency.

This reaction could be foreseen - to editors of professional journal "British Medical Journal" ("BMJ"). There is a public letter, signed by Margaret Chan, director of World Health Organization (WHO). This is a letter with the purpose to diffuse all reproaches. These reproaches were public some days ago with heavy critics against WHO concerning handling swine flu. But Chan rejects: "There was not one single second of influence of commercial interests concerning the decisions."

On Friday the British media magazine had published a report with scaring data, a report made together with English journalist initiative Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ). Main point is the decision of 11 June 2009 which hat world wide effect, the day when WHO declared swine flu as an epidemic rated as level 6.

In the report is mentioned that some writers who were engaged with the directives of WHO handling influenza epidemics had got money from pharmacy trusts at the same time like Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Roche. GSK is the producer of vaccine Pandemrix which was applicated against swine flu. In 1007 Germany had an engagement with this British trust making compulsory buying GSK epidemic vaccine as soon as phase 6 was evoked. Roche is selling influenza medicament Tamiflu (with the agent Oseltamivir).

The reproaches are not new. "Of course it's an ideal connection between governments, WHO and pharmacy industry to push a simple illness as a world wide threat, to have common profits of it and to congratulate each other at the end saying that a close collaboration had eliminated the threat", this was noted in September 2009 in the review "Der Arzneimittelbrief" (Engl.: "medicament letter").

Many cash flows

Also SPIEGEL reported in March of this year [2010] that there were possible conflicts of interests: For example Roy Anderson, one of the most important scientific consultant of British government, got a year's salary of GSK of more than 130,000 Euro - and on 1 May 2009 Great Britain declared swine flu for pandemic. Casually?

The pharmacy trusts are even financing an own scientific association, the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza, with Albert Osterhaus from Erasmus Medical Center of Rotterdam as it's head. Osterhaus is one of the most influent WHO consultant concerning vaccination against influenza.

But when it was clear the swine flu would be more harmless than foreseen by WHO, WHO members had to confirm on and on that pharmacy lobby had not influenced their decisions. But "BMJ" presented new connections publicly. For example doctor Fred Hayden from University of Verginia who had got fees from Roche for speeches and for his activity as a consultant.

These payments Hayden confirmed to "BMJ". But this is strange: The scientist was holding his speeches in a time when WHO just was publishing it's directives about application of vaccines and medicaments during an influenza epidemic. Of one of the chapters Hayden was the author - with the suggestion that all countries should store medicaments.

There are conflicts of interests like this with at least three authors who wrote the directives, "BMJ" is writing. There were three cases wehre the connections of the editors were proofed that scientists were active for WHO and were listed on salary lists of GSK and Roche.

But the authors of "BMJ" report were not bothered about their conflicts of interests, but they criticized failing transparency of WHO in cases when influenza experts kept connections with pharmacy industry which profits from influenza cases.

The directives are not clear

But did WHO know about the conflict of interests? Also this is not clear, the "BMJ" article indicates. And add to this there is no indication according to which directives WHO is hiring experts as consultants.

Well, at this time the charged board lets investigate the handling of swine flu by independent experts. "We wanted to know what was well done. We wanted to know what went wrong, and why - if it's possible", Margret Chan said in April 2010 in Geneva. The report of an expert group of 29 persons is expected in the following year. But critics are criticizing that many of the members of this expert group are consultants of WHO or are members of governments. So there is the fear again: The committee will whitewash the results.

WHO should install more strict rules who to manage the connections with the industry, Chan said in a public letter. "We are doing this already". But woman general director Chan cannot wipe out the doubts. She keeps secret yet the 15 members of emergency case committee which consulted WHO rating the pandemic. The name of this group was published when the committee had finished it's work, Chan wrote. This had been planned from the beginning.

WHO woman boss writes also that the names are kept secret "to protect the experts from commercial and other influences". And with this the members agree. Add to this the records of all meetings are saved and are provided to the control group.

Secret case pandemic

"Neue Zürcher Zeitung" ("New Zurich News") writes in it's edition of Wednesday under reference to WHO press speaker for H1N1, Gregory Harti, that the emergency case group will have it's next session in July. It will be possible that there will be the decision of the pandemic is over or not officially. Until this date the names of the members are kept secret. Just in the edition of May of "New England Journal of Medicine" WHO editors wrote the pandemic directives in a report about epidemics, the virus should be observed yet very attentively.

In one point it's possible that Margret Chan is right: saying that the "BMJ" report would evoke the impression at the readers that the pandemic decision was influenced by the industry. But she is keeping the point of view that the decision of rising WHO epidemic level was taken only on clearly virologic and epidemiologic points of views.

Virologists and other doctors are holding with her. Susanne Stocker, speaker of Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), cannot believe that there is a dependency of WHO consultants. "I am convinced that pharmacy industry is not earning more with vaccinations than with men who are not vaccinated", she was cited before a short time in "Bild der Wissenschaft" (English: "Picture of Science").

The independent investment group has to investigate this case of pandemic, and there have to be taken the right consequences. Transparency should be at first. After all Margret Chan has got the firm idea to change the WHO directives concerning pandemics when the group also gets to the same conclusion. "This would be another recommendation we would welcome and then we would act.">


n-tv online,

WHO 10.8.2010: Swine flu is not rated as a pandemic any more

from: n-tv online: Panorama: No pandemic any more: WHO qualified down swine flu ["Panorama: Keine Pandemie mehr: WHO stuft Schweinegrippe herab"]; 10 August 2010; http://www.n-tv.de/panorama/WHO-stuft-Schweinegrippe-herab-article1242656.html

<During the last year World Health Organization rated swine flu virus H1N1 as a pandemic - this was the first time since 40 years that WHO did such a rating. This time has past now - "much luck was assisting us", the organization said.

Many states stored vaccines which were not used at the end.

World Health Organization WHO declared the end of swine flu pandemic. The new H1N1 virus has lost a big part of it's original danger capability, as WHO woman boss Margaret Chan indicated. "Now we have the phase after the pandemic." Before a cientist group had recommended to rate down swine flu from the highest warning level. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in spring of 2009 there were over 18,400 lethal victims in about 200 countries.

An "emergency group" of 15 persons of the UN in Geneva decided to make a new rating. Tehre were no more outbreaks of this influenza out of the normal season, Chan said as a justification. Add to this the total number of the registered cases of influenza returned to a normal level.

"Luck was a help"

At the beginning of the past year H1N1 virus had spread rapidly above all in Mexico and in the USA. In June WHO rated swine flu as a global epidemic, the first one since 40 years with the highest danger rating 6.

Considering all circumstances the swine flu was a lenient epidemic and it had be possible to have a worse event, the WHO woman director said. "This time we just had much luck. During the pandemic the virus did not change itself into a lethal form."

Dealing with swine fly by WHO was criticized a lot. There were meanings that WHO had acted too much because the dimensions were less than supposed first. In the meantime not only WHO but also experts rejected these reproaches as not substantial.


Well, the experts are from chemistry industrial plants which are paid from WHO. But this corruption is not mentioned in this article...

Michael Palomino, 11 August 2010


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26 April 2011: In Switzerland swine flu influenza vaccine has to be destroyed and burnt, with a value of 56.4 million Swiss Franks

from: 20 minuten online; Nach der Pandemie: Schweinegrippe-Impfstoff für 56,4 Mio. Fr. vernichtet; 26.4.2011;

[And all this is payed by the tax payer byt the manipulations of chemical industry (Novartis) respectively the false information from Novartis is not punished...]


n-tv online,

17 August 2011: In Germany swine flu influenza vaccine has to be destroyed and burnt, with a value of 250 million Euros

from: n-tv online: 250 Millionen Euro werden verbrannt: Länder entsorgen Grippe-Impfstoff; 17.8.2011;

[And all this is payed by the tax payer byt the manipulations of chemical industry (Novartis) respectively the false information from Novartis is not punished...]


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25 November 2011: <Health: Swine flu vaccine will be burnt in Magdeburg>

from: n-tv online: Gesundheit: Schweinegrippe-Impfstoff wird in Magdeburg verbrannt; 25 November 2011;

<Magdeburg (dpa) - A big part of the vaccines against Swine flu which was purchased two years ago in the federal states of Germany will be burnt next Tuesday. For 16 million vaccines there is no market and they will be destroyed in the garbage incineration plant of Magdeburg, the social board of Saxonia Anhalt sayd. The date of expiry of the vaccines has expired, and add to this normal vaccines against flu of today also protect from H1N1 virus. By this the federal states have a loss of 239 million Euros.

Source: n-tv.de / dpa>


And Swiss Pharma industry of Novartis does not feel guilty which had made the faked propaganda!!!

Michael Palomino, 25 November 2011


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Oct. 23, 2014: WHO member states don't want to pay any more - and toxic pharma is dominating WHO

from: Neopresse online: WHO gehört Pharmakonzernen: Korrupt bis in die Knochen; Oct. 23, 2014; translation by Michael Palomino;

<Not enough finances, without effect, and corrupt - the World Health Organisation (WHO) has giant problems. The member states are rejecting to pay more, and at the same time Ebola is spreading in large parts of West Africa. But the guilt for the disastrous conditions of WHO is not only mismanagement in the directorate, but a damaging effect have also the connections to the pharma lobby and to other groups making their profits with it.

Since several years this World Health Organization is requiring higher contribution payments of the member states. But they are rejecting this until today. The specialized organization of the United Nations was forced to reduce their own financial funds. Thus from 2012 to 2014 the possibility to fight epidemics sank by over 50% (see graphic 1). Former general secretaries of WHO are criticizing this sharply.

[Financing by toxic pharma lobby - policy for toxic pharma lobby]

The chronic underfinancing of WHO during the last year provoked controversial relations and dependencies with international pharma industry. The missing funds are provided in another way now. In the financial plan of WHO for 2014 to 2015 it is written officially that almost 4 billion "U.S." dollars were available. 3 billions came from "voluntary donations". This means that more than 3/4 of the investment possibiligies of WHO come from lobby circles, foundations and private donators who are also fixing the use of these funds. And these sponsors are the biggest pharma industries of the owrld, with them also Bayer, Merck, and Nowak.

Business with swine flu

When in 2010 always more news could be heard about "swine flu" in Europe WHO was calling for the highest alarm: pandemia. ONe can compare this with the cases: From April 2009 to August 2010 the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Germany were reported 226,000 cases of swine flu all in all  (Influenza H1N1/2009), 258 lethal cases, mostly during November. World wide about 18,000 deads were to deplore.

During this panic - partially also spread by the media - WHO was forcing the Federal Government of Germany to accept some treaties. E.G. there is a GSK Treaty with the pharma industries of GlaxoSmithKline. Until today the government keeps this paper "strictly confidential" and did not give it to the public instead of several requests. But some media have the treaty. The original says: There is a treaty between the federal states of Germany with GlaxoSmithKline, and there is a payment of 224 million [Euros] totally which the state has to pay for the storing of the vaccine - to GSK. But the world wide pandemia never came so the vaccines were partly garbage at the end. Reports say that this faked pandemia alarm by WHO provoked a profit of 18 billion "US" dollars for the pharma industries

[Career with swine flu - example toxic pharma Novartis]
The leading staff members of WHO of those times are partly in high ranks of pharma industry now. Mr. Klaus Stör is an example. He was at swine flu task force during years and now he is a top manager of pharma giant Novartis.


WHO financial report: http://www.who.int/about/resources_planning/A66_7-en.pdf
TV broadcast Frontal21, investigation about swine flu:
GSK treaty: http://www.arznei-telegramm.de/Vertrag01-GSK-Bund-Laender.pdf>

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